What’s Happening at EEMP!

Welcome to EEMP!

Term II registrations are now closed. We will be opening up registration for September 2017 placements on May 1. Registrations are first-come, first-served.

Are you thinking about signing your child up for choir? Some members of our choirs sang the track on this moving (and important) video this fall. Choir kids have a ton of great opportunities.  To find out more, make sure you register in May!

what is the eemp?

The EEMP is a non-profit music school serving kids grades K-12 in Toronto’s East End. We have guitar, piano, percussion, ukulele, and choir lessons taught by professional musicians and educators!

Your child will learn how to read, appreciate, listen to, and perform music in a supportive and collaborative environment with their peers and teachers. Kids have an opportunity to perform in the community and play in small ensembles. This is really something different. We think of it as Toronto’s best kept secret! 

Our classes take place Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school at Secord Public School, 101 Barrington Avenue, 2nd floor. 

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